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Research experts in pharmacology, bioscience and in university medical centers are permanently expected to increase efficiency and reduce timeinvest and cost.

HS Analysis delivers software solutions for precise image analysis. In that way the researcher is going to be supported to get qualitative and reproducible data.

The system reduces human errors, which are possible in manual evaluation. It finally allows to get Big Data results in a short time and at the end to analyse, manage and present them. That allows researchers to fulfill continuously increasing expectations concerning efficiency and output of results.


Best-Practice Cloud Deployments for Your Software: Secure, Compliant, and Reliable.

Optimized Cloud Solutions by HS Analysis: Are you planning to migrate your software to the cloud? HS Analysis is here to assist you. Our experienced team is proficient in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), creating custom cloud solutions tailored to your needs. We guide you through the entire development process, assist in implementing cost-saving strategies, and ensure the highest security standards. With our expertise, you establish a solid and flexible cloud infrastructure for your application.

Data Security and Compliance as Top Priority: In any sector, protecting sensitive data is paramount. That's why we partner with leading hyperscale cloud services, setting benchmarks in security and compliance. AWS, Azure, and GCP meet all critical security standards and guidelines, ensuring your software is not only secure but fully compliant. Rely on our collaboration to ensure your software adheres to the highest data protection standards.

Ensuring Continuous Availability and Rapid Recovery: Uninterrupted availability and swift recovery of your software are essential. We leverage AWS's comprehensive capabilities to ensure smooth operation of your application and quick recovery in the event of downtime. This approach keeps your software operational at all times, ensuring continuous service and the protection of sensitive data.

High Quality Annotations at Low Prices

Discover our scalable Data Annotation solutions tailored specifically for your Computer Vision or NLP projects. Our in-house team of skilled annotators excel in Image, Video, Text, and Audio Annotation. With a keen focus on precision, our dedicated quality assurance professionals ensure each dataset meets your exacting standards. From budding start-ups to established enterprises, our services are curated to align with your business’s unique demands. Connect with us to discuss your AI project needs. Let’s craft success together!

Moreover, our AI team excels in:

  • Data Cleaning with Logical and Statistical Approaches
  • Assembling Premium-Quality Data
  • Storing, Serving, Augmenting, and Delivering Data with high availability
  • Training and Optimizing ML Models
  • Integrating DevOps and MLOps

We can offer ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified and GDPR compliant services.


HSA Robotics

The global pandemic over the last few years has accelerated digital transformation, a process that has been underway for decades. At HS Analysis, we envision revolutionizing the world of robotic automation by enhancing the cognitive capabilities of robots and achieving advances in automation solutions.

With more than 8 years of experience in life science, automation, and AI and significant partnerships and projects, we have honed our expertise in developing state-of-the-art technologies tailored specifically for your needs in the pharmaceutical industry. We understand your need to reduce manual labor and interventions in laboratory facilities, and our modular, reusable software, built on the Robot Operating System (ROS/ROS2) framework, is the solution. It enables seamless environmental interpretation, robot control, grasp planning, and human-robot interaction, all designed with your advancements in mind.

Our approach includes the classic integration of robotics in your laboratories. We strategically position robots in your lab, ensuring optimal connection with your existing infrastructure. Then, we guide the robot to collaborate with other screening devices, like pipettors, for example. Initially, we manually monitor and optimize the process to ensure your systems achieve optimal functionality. Subsequently, we integrate more of your devices into the automation line.

We leverage cutting-edge ML models like Meta’s Segment Anything Model (SAM) to provide real-time segmentation of image data for your robots. Our team of experts, proficient in Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Python, C#, C++, React, Linux, ROS2, Docker, and Cloud, ensures seamless integration of automation in your laboratories, including robot connection to your existing infrastructure.

By orchestrating communication between your lab devices and connecting them to Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), we standardize protocols and practically implement SiLA2 for you. Our system incorporates deep learning models for real-time communication with your robots and evaluation of data during processes, all aimed at achieving complete automation of core tasks in your laboratories. Additionally, we create synthetic ground truth data for training deep learning models for your robots.

Join us at HS Analysis, as we shape the future of robotic automation and artificial intelligence, transforming laboratories around the world.

Integration of automation in laboratories, for example, connecting robots to existing infrastructure

Orchestration between devices in the laboratory and connection to LIS. Standardization of protocols and communication. SiLA2 and ROS2 expertise and practical implementation

Integration of deep learning models for real-time communication and evaluation of data in the process

Full automation of processes in biochemical and medical laboratories

Simulation environment for training robots in the laboratory and creating synthetic ground truth data for training deep learning models