The product development team of HS Analysis GmbH in Karlsruhe introduces the automated object detection (= classification + bounding boxes) for industrial scale applications.

Our latest innovation is an automated mode that harnesses computer vision to analyze a succession of images. This advancement represents a significant leap in our AI capabilities, allowing for continuous and precise analysis without manual intervention. By automatically processing image sequences, our system can detect and evaluate changes over time, offering deeper insights and more accurate assessments.

This automated approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures consistency in analysis, reducing the likelihood of human error. It’s particularly beneficial in scenarios requiring continuous monitoring or where rapid, successive assessments are crucial. The integration of this technology into our existing suite of tools marks a major step forward in our mission to deliver cutting-edge, reliable non-destructive testing solutions.

Here an example: In the following setting, both marked folder each contain 24 .jpg images.

After choosing the Auto Job Settings, such as the folder names — that contain the slides — and the Project Module which is the mode of analysis the user can press SAVE and START.

Then the pictures get copied to a new location and the computer vision algorithm runs on them automatically in a short succession. This solution can be run at scale on a Windows or Linux machine.

By embracing this automated computer vision system, we’re not just streamlining the analysis process; we’re also opening doors to new possibilities in asset management and quality control. Our clients can now benefit from more dynamic and responsive testing methods, leading to better-informed decisions and optimized asset performance.