Solutions for your assay:
Repetitive tasks in your workflow can take precious time necessary for breakthrough ideas to happen. HS Analysis offers online services for image analysis services designed to improve the results of your most time-consuming and challenging manual assay analyses.

Image analysis made easy:
Your images will be analyzed manually by our high professional image analysis experts in Germany. Simplify your quantitative image analysis process by short description of your task, uploading your data to our server and receive your results each day per email. Reproducible, robust quantification at your hand without the need of buying new hardware or software.

Results that make a difference:
Extracting objective, reliable data to push your research forward is our commitment. No matter how complex your system or the problem you want to tackle is, we develop a solution to enhance your work. You take the images, we do the rest.

Analyse your images anywhere, anytime:
Follow these simple steps to start enjoying it. It’s as easy as it sounds:

  1. Fill in the Form.
  2. Describe the task
  3. Select the images you want to upload for analysis.
  4. After processing your images, an email will notify you with the results and with invoice.

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